We'll Never Be Able To Collect Data This In-Depth On Lemurs Ever Again

Meet Hiddleston. The blue-eyed black lemur was born at the Duke Lemur Center in March 2013. Since then, Duke researchers and students have recorded every detail of his life in their logbooks. Now, the Lemur Center is setting that data free, along with data for 3599 other lemurs that have called North Carolina their… » 7/28/14 1:25pm Monday 1:25pm

Here Are The First Wolf Pups in the Cascade Mountains Since The 1940s

Remember the "wandering wolf," OR-7, who traveled from Oregon to California and back while wearing a GPS collar? The US Fish and Wildlife Service discovered that he's now a proud dad to at least three pups, thanks to some camera trap photos. » 7/26/14 2:33pm Saturday 2:33pm

How Wildlife Decline Leads to Slavery and Terrorism

The harvest of wild animals each year injects more than $400 billion dollars into the world economy. That harvest provides 15% of the planet's human population with a livelihood. It's the primary source of animal protein for more than a billion of our species. It's also led to piracy, slavery, and terrorism. » 7/25/14 5:36pm 7/25/14 5:36pm

Shark Week Doubles Down On Its Lies

Last week, Youtube user "Fisher86" posted what appeared to be a video shot with a camera phone of a shark in Lake Ontario. It resulted in mainstream news coverage and official government warnings. It was all a hoax created to drum up interest in Shark Week. And to scare people. » 7/16/14 7:10pm 7/16/14 7:10pm